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Helicon books privacy policy


This privacy policy explains how Helicon books may collect and use personal information about you on helicon books store and other helicon books websites. We respect your privacy and therefore we tried to phrase this document in a simple to understand language.

Your IP address

Our server automatically collect information about which pages are visited from which IP. This information is used to localize the display for your specific location and for diagnostics and statistical purposes, we do not store this data for more then 3 days.

Email and other information

In order to download a book, you may be asked for your name and email address. Your mailing address and name are used to customize the download link. This information is also stored for statistical information. We may use it from time to time to send you information regarding the books you read or other books in Helicon books store.

This information will never be transferred to third party or used to advertise other services.


This website uses cookies in your computer to store your email and full name so that you do not have to reenter it each time. The name email are stored in an encrypted fashion so only our system can decipher it.

We also use PayPal for payments, PayPal may also store some cookies in your computer. Refer to PayPal privacy policy for more information regarding their use of cookies.